Cat Sitter Service in Barrington Illinois
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Amazing pet loving people who do cat sitting in Barrington, IL

Are you vacationing or traveling soon? Do you need trustworthy and reliable cat sitter service? Look no further than the experts at Doggy Detail! If you are looking for someone who you can trust to put your furry friends’ needs first, we can help. We offer in home cat sitter services in Barrington, IL. We provide check-ins to ensure your pets’ safety, so you have peace of mind while you’re away.

Your pet will receive lots of love, attention, and exercise when you can’t be there. Our in-home cat sitter services include plenty of hugs and pets and playing mentally stimulating games to further enhance their enjoyment! Give your cat(s) the attention they deserve while you’re away, contact us today!


Additional Cat Sitting Tasks We Can Help With

We understand that while you’re away, you have a lot of things you have to worry about. If you need some extra help, why not let us check on your houseplants or bring in your mail? We don't just focus on pet-sitting services; we would love to help. At your request, the following tasks may also be completed during the visit at no additional cost:

  • Opening or closing blinds
  • Watering plants
  • Turning on or off lights
  • Moving garbage cans to the curb
  • Administer any oral medication
  • For any other reasonable home task, just ask!

You will feel at ease knowing your pet is being cared for by a trained professional who abides by the dog sitting industry standards.

Cat Sitting Services pricing in Barrington, IL

20-Minute Visit

  • 1 Cat - $17.95
  • 2 Cats - $22.95
  • 3 Cats - $27.95
  • 4 Cats - $32.954
  • 5+ Cats - Call for pricing

Overnight Visit (7pm - 7am)

  • 1 Cat - $75
  • 2 Cats - $80
  • 3 Cats - $85
  • 4 Cats - $90
  • 5+ Cats - Call for pricing

Invite Our Trusted Pet Sitters to Your Home

Cat Sitting Service Territory

Currently serving the cities of:

More servicing cities coming in the near future!

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Barrington Illinois Community

Barrington, oh it's a suburb of CHICAGO. Population? About 11,244. It's nestled in Cook County & really is one of the TOP to live in Illinois. Describing the vibe here—it's super dense, but not like the city; More of a suburban kinda feel. Here, most folks actually own their houses (Neat, right?). There are stacks of coffee joints and bunches of parks around.

Now, guess what? Many OLD Timers choose to chill out right here in Barrington. Political views? Pretty moderate around these parts. Schools—yeah! They're highly rated (A+ stuff).

Wait till I spill about Doggy Detail. This local business, right? Totally another reason people get hooked on Barranceloona--I mean Barrington. Since 2004 (long time, huh?), they've been all buddy-up with locals, making a HEAP load of pals along the way. What's their job? Oh, just cat sitting! Yeah, you got it—they keep an eye on our furry Friends (capital F for importance). Their main gig is ensuring that everyone—including community pups—is Feeling happy.

So yeah, that's Barrington for ya!

Cat Baby Sitter Benefits

Obviously, your pet is your number one concern and that is why you are seeking a pet sitter, but Doggy Detail offers more for you than just making sure your pet is getting exercise and fed. We can also do basic tasks such as cleaning up after your pet and some basic house maintenance.

If you’re just concerned about letting your pet play with a stranger then you shouldn’t be worried. Our staff are well trained, pet lovers, and really excited to meet your pet. We want them to be comfortable so you can rest assured knowing that when we’re around your pet will stay happy and healthy.