Dog Walking Service in South Barrington Illinois
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Amazing pet loving people who do dog walking in South Barrington, IL

Want your dog(s) to get a little exercise and have a potty break while you are away? Our professional dog walker service in South Barrington, IL can help you!

We can take your furry friend for an enjoyable 20, or 30 minute dog walk. Once the dog walk is complete, our dog walking professional will provide you with a detailed activity report which is sent via email. You will begin to smile as you see photos of your furry friend, along with completed tasks from our visit.


By request, the following tasks may also be completed during the dog walking visit as well (at no additional cost):

  • Wipe dog paws after the walk (towels provided by customer)
  • Fill up the food and water bowl
  • Administer any oral medication
  • Receive notification of any potential health concerns
  • Bring any packages/newspapers in by the front door
  • Any other reasonable request
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Dog Walking Services Pricing

20-Minute Visit

  • 1 Dog - $17.95
  • 2 Dogs - $22.95
  • For 3+ dogs, call for pricing

30-Minute Visit

  • 1 Dog - $22.00
  • 2 Dogs - $27.00
  • For 3+ dogs, call for pricing

*$15 Surcharge for the following holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.)

Dog Walker Service Territory

Currently servicing the cities of:

More servicing cities to come in the near future!

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South Barrington Illinois Community

South Barrington? Yep, it's a Chicago suburb with exactly 5,001 people living there. This place is in Cook County and, honestly, it's one of the top spots to call home in Illinois. If you're there, you'll get a rural vibe pretty much everywhere you go. Most folks there own their places. And guess what? There’s no shortage of parks either.

Now, a lot of older folks—retirees—choose to live their golden years in South Barrington. The leanings here? Quite liberal. OH! And if we're talking schools—in South Barrington they’re really GOOD!

But WAIT... Check this out! Since 2004, there’s this local outfit called Doggy Detail (cool name, right?). They aren’t just lazing around; they’re BIG community vibes because they walk dogs. It’s TRUE! They take care of the pups & keep everyone (and their humans) grinning from ear to ear.

Important To Know

Dog walking is more than just a bathroom break while you're away from home. It also provides an excellent opportunity for your dog to socialize with other people and animals, get some exercise, be mentally active, and help reinforce behavioral training. Start our dog walker services today so your furry friend will be in good health and in a happy mood.

How Walking Your Dog Can Improve Mental & Physical Health

Regular walks for your dog can help set your dog up for a lifetime of physical and mental stability. Being cooped up in the house for too long can make your dog lazy and bored, which can lead to destructive behaviors like chewing on clothes or furniture. Simply increasing the number of walks and the variety of places the dog is walked will drastically decrease the frequency of negative behaviors your dog may exhibit.

Walking your dog can help your dog stay fit as well. Frequent walks will help keep your dog active and help maintain a healthy weight or even help them to lose weight. Dogs who are overweight tend to have other health complications, so making sure your dog stays active will help them stay healthy and live longer.