Why Use Pet Services? Here Are Some Top Reasons

Life gets busy sometimes, and we may need a little help keeping our pets happy and healthy. Doggy Detail offers all kinds of pet services to ensure your pets do not spend too much time alone. Whether you’re going away for a few days or working too many hours a day, our experienced and trained pet service professionals are here to help! We have many services for you to choose from; they all come with benefits for your pets. Call us today to set up your next pet service! 

Why Use Doggy Detail Professionals Pet Services


The best thing you can do for your pet is to keep their routine. When you go away, it can stress them out or cause separation anxiety, which may lead to them acting out. To avoid these behaviors, having a professional from Doggy Detail provide a walk or dog sit for your pet while you are away can make your pet feel loved and entertained. 

It will keep the normalcy in their daily routine, and they won’t feel the need to: 

  • Bark
  • Tear up the house
  • Use the bathroom inside
  • Act out

We want to try and do everything we can to make our pups happy. When they feel stressed, it causes them to act out, and that is not good for their health. So when you are considering a dog sitter, Doggy Detail is here to help and keep your pup on their routine! 


When our pet sitters and walkers spend time with your pets, they take the time to get to know them and love them just as you would—going for long walks and getting to know their surroundings, hanging out outside playing games, and so much more. Depending on which service you choose for your pet, our professionals will go the extra mile to ensure your pets are in the best care. 

Keeping your pets entertained is crucial because we know how attached they are to their owners and how hard it is for you to leave them. So we want you to know they are being fed, walked, and well-loved when you have to be away from home. Our sitters will keep a log of how everything is going, keep you in the loop about their visit with your pup, and ensure you of anything you may need to know. We like to build trust with not only your pup but you as well! 


Why pay some random pet sitter when you can call Doggy Detail! Our professionals are trained and will love your pet as if it were theirs. You can use our overnight or daily services depending on your pet’s needs. We want you and your pet to feel comfortable with our sitters. They can provide many pet services and go above and beyond your expectations. We love every pet and want to make as many new friends as possible. Spend your money right and ensure your pet is in the right hands when you have to be away from home! 

Learn More About Our Pet Services Today! 

If you have a trip soon or want our professionals to take your pup for a nice walk, check out our pet services! Everything we offer is with customers and their pets in mind. Taking care of your pets is top of our priorities, and we want you to feel good about leaving them with our sitters. 

You shouldn’t feel bad about leaving your pets home when you have to go on a trip or spend extra hours at work. Doggy Detail has trained professionals who can take good care of your pets and love them just as you would. Our pet services come in all types, and we are here to help you decide just what you need. Call us at 847-212-5616 or leave us a message to reserve your pet service!