Why Dog Waste Removal Services Are So Important

It is imperative to pick up after your pup. It can ruin your yard and do more work for you later if you leave it there. Here at Doggy Detail, we offer dog waste removal services to help you stay on top of making sure your yard is clean, especially this time of year! Picking up after your pup can keep you and others from getting sick and causing harmful fuses from floating around in the air. It is not safe for you or your pets to leave waste laying around your yard. Give us a call today, to find out more about the services we offer! 

Poop Scoopers 

Our dog waste removal services run year-round. We have our poop scoopers available to you, depending on which plan you decide to use. Doggy Detail holds a secure background check and is sure to train every poop scooper to the fullest. All of our poop scoopers clean their tools and shoes after each yard. We want to make sure there is no potential spread of dog diseases. There is a cross-contamination free service included. Poop scoopers clean up your yard as well as dog runs to ensure no dog waste has been left behind. 

No Contracts to Sign 

We can start and stop your dog waste removal services over the phone or by email. There is no minimum service period. However, we do require a 24-hour notice to cancel services. We offer our services in Algonquin and nearby areas! However, one thing to remember is that we do have to postpone our workday from time to time in bad weather conditions. We will continue to bill you typically and make up the day later in the week if this is the case. 

Dog Waste Removal Services 

              Twice a Week                                                                          Weekly Service

  • 1 Dog – $10 .50 per visit ($21 a week)                              1 Dog – $13.00 per visit
  • 2 Dogs – $12.50 per visit ($25 a week)                             2 Dogs – $15.00 per visit
  • 3 Dogs – $14.50 per visit ($29 a week)                             3 Dogs – $17.00 per visit
  • 4 Dogs – $16.50 per visit ($33 a week)                             4 Dogs – $19.00 per visit 
  • 5 Dogs – $18.50 per visit ($37 a week)                             5 Dogs – $21.00 per visit

              Every Other Week                                                                     Once A Month 

  • 1 Dog – $22 per visit                                                               1 Dog – $45 per visit
  • 2 Dogs – $24 per visit                                                             2 Dogs – $55 per visit
  • 3 Dogs – $26 per visit                                                             3 Dogs – $65 per visit
  • 4 Dogs – $28 per visit                                                             4 Dogs – $75 per visit
  • 5 Dogs – $30 per visit                                                              5+ Dogs – Add $10 per dog

We do offer one-time clean-up and spring clean-up as well! One-time clean-ups are generally defined as 31-60 days since the last time the dog removal waste service was picked up was during June- October. 

And Spring clean-ups are generally 61-180 days since the dog removal was last for November- May.

Vital for You to Know 

We need you to help us, help you with providing the best services we can. Please make sure your yard is accessible and clean. Your Lawns must be cut regularly without large amounts of leaves and debris everywhere. Our poop scoopers can only pick up what is visible. Your gates need to be free of snow and other objects. If we cannot get into your yards and are not home, we will return the following week. However, you will still be charged for your visit. 

Aggressive dogs must be left indoors for our safety. Poop Scoopers will ring your doorbell if dogs are left outside. We will be unable to perform services if you are not home. Please do us a courtesy and let us know two weeks in advance if you need to suspend your service. 

Our poop scoopers will work through most weather conditions. However, snow, rain, and cold will keep us from performing. We will try to make up said visit later in the week. And if we cannot, you will not be charged for any missed visits that we had to postpone. 

The Doggy Detail office is closed for these major holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (Closes at 12 pm), Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve (Closes at 12 pm), New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Memorial and Labor Day. Typically, service will return the following day.

Contact Us for Removal Needs! 

If you are interested in our dog waste removal services, reach out to us to learn more. We have different options and can give you pointers on why it is so important to clean up after your dog. Give us a call today at (847) 212-5616! We look forward to working with you and your lovely pets!