Ways You and Your Pet Can Stay Active Together


It is essential for both you and your pet to live an active lifestyle. If you feel like the gym is not for you, we have some great ideas to keep you and your dog out and about instead of watching movies in your free time. Remember, your dog will feed off your energy and habits, so let’s create an active dog lifestyle that also meets your needs! Get in touch with doggy detail today to schedule our services for your pup while you are away! 

Best Ways To An Active Dogs Lifestyle 


Play Fetch 


Teach your dog how to play fetch or frisbee. This old, tired, genuine way of having fun gets your pup running around and keeps you moving. Every time you throw the ball, you get an arm workout that helps build endurance. And if your dog is not quite getting the hang of the game, you will do most of the work. 


Kick A Soccer Ball Around


It does not always have to be a bouncing yellow tennis ball to grab your dog’s attention. You can try kicking a soccer ball around. This may have you running around, like a good cardio workout. However, you and your active dog will have a great time. Plus, once you get your dog’s attention, they will want to keep playing for hours! 

The Doggie Dash 


Most of the time, dogs can not run for long periods without proper conditioning, but they will love a good race. You can go for a quick race around the backyard, your dog will most likely win, but they will let you have fun while doing it. Once you both build up the stamina, you can work up to a jog around the block. Just make sure you’re both hydrated and up for the task! 


A Simple Walk Will Do 


The perfect way to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors. Walking is a great way to improve your mood and get a good cardio workout. Taking a walk is one of the healthiest ways to improve your lifestyle and spend time with your best friend! 

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Go Camping and Explore 


What a perfect way to show your pets something new. Have your dog help you set up the campsite, and then you can explore together to find firewood and other goodies you might need for the site. It is crucial to research before your trip to find out what can be dangerous for your pet to eat, sniff or step on. You may need to avoid specific pathways on your journey to keep your active dogs safe! Keep your pets on a leash and close to you when exploring the outdoors because you never know what you might run into. 


Beach Day 

Nothing compares to a sunny beach day—the warm sand, different sticks to play with, and jumping in the water. The opportunities are endless! Be mindful to check for dog-friendly beaches in your area and plan accordingly! 

A dog is laying on a chair outside during the dog days of summer.

Hide And Seek 

What a perfect game to play if it is rainy outside. Or if you need to keep your pet entertained. The best way to teach your dog to play is by hiding toys or treats for them to find, and then they will learn to find you once they get the hang of it! 


An Active Lifestyle with Help From Doggy Detail 

When you feel like you are missing something from your life and want a more active dog, Doggy Detail can help! We have a few ways you and your dog can enjoy spending time together and making memories. Both indoor and outdoor activities are essential- weather permitting. Our professional team wants you to know we always put your pets’ needs first and enjoy spending time with them in your home when you are busy! 

Our services help you feel more comfortable leaving your pet home, knowing they will be taken care of. We are professional and keep you up to date on all your pet’s needs. Let us know how we can help, and get in contact with us today by giving us a call at 847-212-5616 or leaving us a message