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Unattended Dog Waste Can Bring Big Fines

Our world is rapidly changing when it comes to many things – and dog poop is one of them. We’re really not kidding!

Some people laugh when they hear about our business model at first, but as you’ll see in this article, it’s actually very valuable to our customers.

One reason for the popularity of poop scooper services is the extreme lengths that companies, communities and governments will now go to in order to track down your dog’s waste.

In this piece from CNBC (you may not be surprised to see they have put this in the site’s “Strange Success” category,) you’ll see the story of PooPrints entrepreneur Tom Boyd, who made $7 million taking DNA swabs of public poop piles and testing them against available registries.

If you think this is a joke, think again – you’ve seen those signs imposing draconian fines of hundreds of dollars for a single dog poop infraction – but the loophole is that it’s tricky to catch dogs in the act. Traditionally, enforcement hasn’t really been there consistently.

With these types of systems, which are sometimes fondly billed as “dog poop CSI,” that’s not as true anymore. Can you imagine yourself going to court over your dog’s DNA to try to avoid big poop fines?

Some of the details of this business are pretty grimy. Reading through the story, you’ll find sordid details like moldy poops and a reported “eruption” of feces that ended up “in the hair” – gross stuff! But the narrator of some of these mishaps, PooPrints employee Chesleigh Fields, also reports that PooPrints works.

“We’ve had reports of a 95 percent drop,” Fields told CNBC. “It sounded like a ‘Big Brother’ product, instead of a product aimed to help increase pet acceptance into places. … They come to us now without us having to cold call and knock on doors.”

But we digress – let’s talk about how to avoid all of this unpleasantness.

Doggy Detail comes to your home and scoops up your dog’s poop for a reasonable cost. We actually take the poop with us, so there’s no sign that is ever happened. That’s especially useful to our customers if their prior plan was to walk the dog in the neighborhood and simply run when their canine dropped a deuce.

Talk to us about superior poop scoop service – to keep the doggy doo detectives off of your case! Remember, all of our tools and equipment are cleaned between visits to avoid cross-contamination. Unlike some of the dog-related startups we’ve seen in the area, we know our stuff!

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