Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

Traveling with your Pet

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you and your significant other may plan a romantic getaway. But your trip won’t be complete without your best furry pal. Luckily traveling with pets has been met with easier accommodations and accessibility. Take your pet with you this year! 

Travel comes with unpredictability. So, of course, if anything happens — should the flight exceed the number of pet passengers aboard and does not have room for your friend, or the pet-friendly hotel has canceled — Doggy Detail is here to take care of your pet while you’re away! Doggy Detail is the trusted dog and cat expert! We provide all-encompassing pet services, pet-sitting, dog-walking, Visit N’ Play, and even dog waste removal. Call us at 847-212-5616 to schedule an initial meeting with your dog or cat! 

1. Choose the Right Method of Transportation 

Traveling with your Pet

When traveling with your pet, remember each animal is unique, and only you can predict how your friend will react in certain environments. Book the appropriate arrangement early in advance if you travel by plane, car, or train. For airline travel, research the airline’s current policies regarding pets. Make sure to have the proper paperwork and identification for your pet as you move throughout the airport. Be aware that you must take your animal out of the carrier and hold them through security. Keep in mind how your pet will react before booking their space. 

Driving may be the more manageable form of travel for an animal, and your pet may already be familiar. The safest way to keep your pet safe in a car is to have them in a harness or restraint in a travel carrier. Never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle. And whichever transport you choose, Doggy Detail wishes you a safe ride! 

2. Research Your Destination Ahead of Time

Before you leave, research pet-friendly places that you’re going to visit. Book an animal-friendly hotel or Airbnb. Where you’re visiting may have different approaches to pets in public spaces. Some cities, for instance, may have more lenient rules regarding pets in dining places or shops. Or, instead, it might have stricter rules than where you’re from. Remember that you’re in a new area with different customs. Stay respectful with your pet, and always bring extra water and doggie bags for your friend.

3. Make Sure Your Pet is Up-To-Date On Vaccinations 

Traveling with your Pet

Before traveling with your pet, it’s always a good idea to check in with your vet before hitting the road. Make sure that all of their vaccinations are up to date, and ask for advice on keeping them safe while away from home. If necessary, get copies of their medical records just in case something happens while you’re away. Many places also require proof of vaccinations before allowing pets in, so having these documents will be helpful if needed. If you’re flying, you might need to bring your pet’s documents, so keep their file in your bag or download it to your phone. 

4. Pack Appropriately 

Traveling with your Pet

When packing for the trip, consider what items make life easier and less stressful for your pet. Bring food bowls, favorite blankets with your animal’s scent, toys, a litter box, medication, and extra food and treats. It is also helpful to bring an extra travel bag filled with these items. Traveling can be pretty stressful for your pet, so try to bring pieces of home to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible!

5. Prepare For Emergencies

Prepare for any potential emergencies while traveling with your pet friend! Have phone numbers handy for nearby veterinarians just in case anything happens over the journey. Also, consider purchasing pet insurance before traveling. 

 6. Plan for Regular Exercise & Potty Breaks

Give your pet regular opportunities for exercise throughout the day so they don’t become restless inside their carrier or hotel room. Try and plan trips around parks or walking trails, so there’s plenty of space available for them to stretch their legs and explore! Additionally, keeping your pet on the same feeding and walking schedule will significantly help subdue the stress of being away from home.

When you and your pet return from travel, remember that Doggy-Detail provides Visit N’ Play services. If you have a long day at work, we can come and make sure your pet is getting adequate exercise throughout the day!

7. Monitor Food & Water Intake 

Keep an eye on how much food and water your animal consumes while away from home. Changes in routines can lead to digestive issues, so it’s important that meals are consistent throughout any journey! 

8. Consider Pet Sitting Services

Nothing is better than being with your pet! If you can arrange responsible travel with your pets, then that’s the obvious bet. Though, if you have an older animal with health concerns, it might be for the best that they stay home under the watchful and caring services of Doggy Detail

9. Have fun! 

When traveling with your pet, the most important thing is to have fun! Take lots of pictures of your adventurous fur baby! 

Doggy Detail Can Help!

Contact us today for more information about our expert pet-sitting, dog-walking, and sanitizing services! Whether you need our help when you are on vacation or when you come back, we’d love to help care for your beloved friend! Please call us at 847 212-5616, or email us at to schedule an appointment.