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The Value of a Scoop

Sometimes we talk about this in a kind of tongue-in-cheek way among ourselves, but we really do believe in the value of what we do for our customers - and it shows! So with that in mind: how do you value doggy poop scooping?

First of all, if you're at the right place at the right time, the value is several hundred dollars. For example, if you're in a public park where there’s a clearly posted $300 fine for not picking up, then your scoop is going to save you $300…But that's not the only time that you get really big value out of having help with doggy cleanup.

Taking Care of Your Pup

Look, we’re not just out here scooping up poop. We're helping you to take care of one of your most precious assets: your furry companion!

That's a tremendous value in terms of maintaining your household. It's not just fixing your stove or making your trees look nice, although those things are great, too. Our philosophy is that your dog is important to you, otherwise, you wouldn't have one! So it’s important that you take care of your dog the right way. We get that! It’s part of what has allowed us to build one of the most successful canine-facing businesses around – that and our inherent love for four-legged friends

Knowing the Animal

There's also a big value in working with a company that understands your dog’s breed and knows your dog’s name, as well as the science behind each particular breed of dog. 

We know that Oscar needs his little treats and that Rosie is shy. We know that Jack has a specific place where he likes to do his business, and we even know that there are some dogs you have to watch, because as soon as it comes out, they want to run it through the system again! Ok, TMI, maybe. But it’s all just a day in the life of one of our attentive scoopers, someone who values your little doggy almost as much as you do. 

A real world-class dogsitting company knows dogs well because they’ve been around them a lot. We are able to customize your pet sitting and scooping needs into our schedule in a way that fits your schedule and budget, and that's a big help, too. Just ask us for help maintaining your pup when you’re busy, and you’ll breathe easy knowing we’re around.

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