The Importance of Dog Poop Removal

dog poop removal

No one likes to clean up animal waste, but as a dog owner, dog poop removal is a very important responsibility. Owning a pet is an incredible responsibility. Not only do you need to make sure your pet is healthy and taken care of, but you also need to be respectful of the environment when you allow your dog to relieve themself on a neighbor’s yard. Managing dog waste goes deeper than just respecting a neighbor’s yard, it impacts the environment and also ground water. While cleaning up after your dog shows care for your neighborhood and parks, it is also keeping the people and animals around you healthy. If dog poop removal is your least favorite thing, Doggy Detail is here to take the responsibility off your hands! 

Don’t worry about dog poop removal from your yard any long, Doggy Detail is here to remove the dog waste from your yard. We offer dog poop waste removal services all year long, even when the weather is bad. Doggy Detail takes it one step further — we also sanitize your yard. Interested in having a clean yard without having to pick up a pooper-scooper? Give Doggy Detail a call at 847-212-5616 to book your dog waste removal service today. We can make your yard clean and healthy again! 

6 Important Reasons for Dog Poop Removal 

1. Respect For Others

dog poop removal

It’s never fun stepping on dog poop when out on a walk or playing a game with friends in the park. Cleaning up after your pet shows respect for others in your community, whether it’s your neighbors or even strangers who come across their messes. Nobody wants to step in it, so it’s important to always keep up with removing your dog’s poop from public areas to keep them clean and tidy.

2. Limiting Risk of Disease

dog poop removal

Pet waste can contain parasites and bacteria that can spread disease if left unchecked. Not only is cleaning up after your pet important from a hygiene standpoint, but it helps keep those around you safe from potential contamination as well. If your dog is relieving themself in a public space, it is especially helpful to clean up your dog’s waste so it doesn’t spread and make other animals sick. 

Dogs aren’t the only animals who use public spaces—there are also birds, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, and other wildlife who share these places with us. When your dog’s waste is left behind, it can attract predators or even poison other animals if it isn’t properly disposed of. If you don’t clean up after your dog, their feces can carry parasites and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses in both humans and animals. By cleaning up after your pup every time they go out, you can help prevent the spread of harmful diseases like parvo virus and giardia.

Cleaning up after your dog is a courtesy. It helps keep parks, playgrounds, sidewalks, and other public areas free from waste and bacteria that can spread disease.

If you’re worried about cross-contamination, do not worry. Doggy Detail takes meticulous care when removing dog waste. We sanitize all our equipment to ensure there is no risk of cross-contamination between homes.

3. Environmental Benefits

Dog waste can negatively impact the environment if left untreated. When it rains, any uncollected waste will be washed away into local rivers and streams, causing water pollution. This type of water pollution can be especially damaging to fish and other aquatic life that struggle to survive in polluted waterways. 

Pet waste can contaminate soil and drinking water with bacteria and parasites like salmonella, E Coli, giardia, and roundworm eggs. Therefore, scooping up your pup’s poop helps keep local ecosystems healthy and safe. If you want a more regular maintained dog poop removal service, Doggy Detail is happy to provide it. We also provide other services such as dog walking, doggy playtime, and dog and cat sitting

4. Setting an Example for Others

When you pick up after your dog, you set an example for other people who may not realize how much damage leaving dog waste behind can cause. This way, you can help educate people on proper pet ownership etiquette and potentially encourage them to do the same if they don’t already do so regularly themselves!

5. Avoid Fines

Many cities have laws requiring pet owners to pick up after their pets or face fines for not doing so. In some cases these fines can be quite expensive so it’s best just to do the right thing and pick up after your pup every time! 

6. Keep Your Lawn Healthy

dog poop removal

Dog waste contains nitrogen so it kills your grass. Don’t allow your pet waste to alter the state of your lawn. Keep after your dog’s waste to protect your green yard. Also, while the dog poop sits, it attracts flies. Keep your lawn healthy and clean by removing dog poop. You’ll be thankful that you’ve kept up with the waste when you’re walking barefoot in your backyard without needing to tip-toe. 

Choose Doggy Detail to Manage Your Dog Waste

Taking care of our furry friends means taking responsibility for cleaning up after them. By keeping up with dog poop removal you can show respect for others and the environment, reduce potential health risks, avoid fines, and protect your lawn. While it isn’t fun to clean up after your dog, it is important to keep the grounds clean from your dog’s waste.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do it yourself – Doggy Detail is here! We also offer a sanitizing services, which provides natural and non-toxic solutions that are pet and kid-safe, plus it reduces flies and eliminates odors! Choose Doggy-Detail, the pet-sitting and dog waste management team in Schaumburg, IL. to take care of your dog waste needs!