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The Dog Days of Summer

A dog is laying on a chair outside during the dog days of summer.

We can thank the Greeks and Romans for the saying “dog days of summer.” These summer days are possibly the hottest days of the year. The dog days of 2021 run from July 3rd to August 11th, and these might be the hottest 40 days 2021 has to offer. However, with some preparation and forethought, we can help our canine companions from truly feeling the heat during the dog days of 2021.

Dog Days of Summer Care

Two of the most important things a pet owner can do for the dog days of summer are consistently watching the weather and for signs of dehydration in their dog(s). Ensuring a pet owner is actively aware of what temperatures will aid in preventing severe conditions for canines. 

Watch the Weather

Plan ahead by keeping tabs on the weather forecast for the week. Avoid taking Fido outside during peak temperatures for the day. Also, keep an eye out for humidity percentages. Humidity can cause extra stress for Fido, especially during peak times of the day. Additionally, if Fido tags along on errands, never leave Fido in the vehicle. Even with the car running with the AC blowing, Fido may overheat and become dehydrated, or more severe issues may arise. 

Ground temperatures on warm and hot days can burn Fido’s paws. Take precautions to test the ground temperature and keep doggy boots on hand for walks and errands. Hold off on errands that Fido joins in on to cooler times of the day or leave Fido at home. If vacations occur during these summer dog days, check out our visit N play or pet sitting services.

Watch for Dehydration

Dehydration in dogs is severe. Dogs cannot sweat to cool their bodies off, so they pant or lay in the shade to help them cool off. When temperatures are unpleasantly hot, this may not be enough to prevent dehydration or heatstroke. Keeping Fido indoors during the hottest times of the day will help prevent dehydration.

Additionally, limiting outdoor exercise during the dog days will assist Fido in staying cool and staying adequately hydrated. Moreover, when pet owners are not at home, they should leave plenty of water out for Fido to drink throughout the day. In addition, when going on walks during the cooler times of the day, make sure to bring extra water to keep Fido hydrated.

Dog Days of Summer Help

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