Signs Your Dog Needs a Playmate

signs that your dog needs a playmate

Having a dog brings you joy, love, and companionship, but even the most devoted owners can’t always be around to give their pup the attention they need; there are some clear signs that your dog needs a playmate. If your dog seems bored, unenthused, or inactive lately, they might be telling you that they are lonely. Having another animal around can really perk up your dog’s energy levels and provide them with the companionship they need to live a healthy and happy life. 

Not everyone is ready for a second animal. So while you’re away, Doggy Detail is always here to help provide company and stimulation for your dog when you cannot. We provide pet sitting, dog walking, doggy playtime, and even dog waste removal! Call 847-212-5616 to schedule a play session today! 

The Benefits of Dog Playmates

There are numerous advantages that come from getting your pup a playmate. Your pup will have someone to keep them company when you can’t be home. This is especially beneficial if you work long hours or have to travel for long periods of time. Having another pet in the house can help reduce separation anxiety for both you and your pet. 

Signs Your Dog Needs a Playmate

Your dog doesn’t like to be alone just as much as you don’t like leaving your dog alone. Another friend for your dog can provide valuable stimulation and mental enrichment. If your dog is showing worrisome behavior, it might be their cry for another buddy. Here are some clear signs that your dog needs a playmate! 

Boredom or Lethargy

signs that your dog needs a playmate

If you’ve noticed that your pup has become listless or uninterested in their favorite activities, they could be in need of a playmate. Dogs are naturally social creatures and thrive on human or canine companionship. Waiting home all day alone can leave dogs feeling anxious and lonely. 

Behavioral Issues

Dogs that don’t have an outlet for their energy often end up taking out their frustrations on furniture or other household items, like shoes, sofa cushions, or the remote control! If you’ve noticed an uptick in destructive behaviors from your pup, this could be an indication that they’re frustrated. It can derive from many factors, but one main reason may be from a lack of social interaction. Another animal companion could calm them. 

Excessive Barking or Whining

signs your dog needs a playmate

If your pup begins barking or whining for no apparent reason, it could be because they are feeling lonely. Dogs can become especially vocal when feeling isolated and unfulfilled in terms of social interaction. Dogs bark for many reasons—out of excitement, fear, boredom, loneliness—and excessive barking is often a sign that something needs to change in their environment. 

If your pup has been barking more than usual, especially when left alone at home, it might be because they want someone to interact with and cuddle up to. Another animal playmate can help reduce their anxiety, which would lessen their barking. 

Isolation Seeking/Hiding Away From Others

Dogs are incredibly social animals so if you find yours hiding away from people or other animals in the house, it could mean they’re feeling lonely and need someone else to interact with. A playmate will give them the opportunity to engage in dog to dog activities like pouncing, jumping, and play biting. Having another friend can help boost their confidence. A new friend may introduce positive changes in your pup’s behavior! 

Changes in Appetite or Sleeping Patterns

signs that your dog needs a playmate

A sudden change in your pup’s eating habits or sleeping patterns could be an indication that they need more stimulation and socialization. Dogs who don’t have enough activity or companionship during the day often become restless at night and have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night. This is also true with cats. 

Changes in appetite could be a sign that your dog is seeking a playmate. This can happen when dogs experience stress or lack of companionship, which can lead to depression or anxiety-related behaviors like loss of appetite or decreased energy levels. A playmate can help provide them with the comfort and support they need while you’re at work. 

If you find that your dog is losing weight or is not eating, you should take your dog to the veterinarian right away for a check up. 

Another animal may just be the fix to alleviate these concerns. Another playmate for your dog can bring daily activity, interaction, and connection. Honestly, that’s what we all seek. For extra care, Doggy Detail are the pet experts. We provide excellent dog walking and pet sitting services. 

Doggy Detail Can Help!

There may be many clear demonstrated signs that your dog needs a playmate. Ultimately, if your dog suffers from severe separation anxiety, it’s probably in your and your pet’s best interest to get another friend for them. They will never have to be alone. This can save both you and your dog from worry. 

Though, of course, not everyone is ready for two pets. And that’s okay. Doggy Detail is available to help and provide extra care for your dog or cat. We provide expert pet sitting, dog walking, visit n’ play and waste removal services. Call today to schedule an initial meeting so we can start giving your dog all the attention they need!