Prevent Separation Anxiety in Your Pet With a Pet Sitter for the Holidays

If you’re leaving your pet with a sitter for the holidays, there’s a good chance they might experience some separation anxiety. After all, you’re their favorite person in the whole world, and they’re going to miss you! But there are some things you can do to help ease their anxiety and make the transition a bit easier for them. Here are a few tips:


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1. Get Them Accustomed to Being Alone Slowly

If your pet isn’t used to being left alone, start by gradually increasing the amount of time they’re away from you. Leave them for short periods of time at first (30 minutes to an hour) while you run errands or go to work. Then, gradually increase the amount of time they’re away from you until they’re comfortable being left alone for long stretches of time. This will help them get used to the idea of being without you and make the transition easier for both of you. Many pets struggle with separation anxiety because they aren’t used to being left alone.


2. Get Them Used to the Sitter Beforehand

If possible, try to have your pet sitter come over a few times before you actually leave so that your pet can get accustomed to their presence. This way, when it comes time for you to go away, your pet won’t be completely freaked out by the new person in their life. Our pet sitters are friendly and kind, they understand that your pet misses you so much and have the best tips and tricks to keep them entertained so that your time away goes by in a flash for your pet!


3. Make Sure They Have Plenty of Toys and Treats

Pets can get bored just like we do, so make sure their toy box is full of their favorite things to keep them entertained while you’re gone. treats are also a great way to keep your pet happy—just be sure not to overdo it!  And if your pet is on any type of medication, be sure to leave clear instructions for the sitter on how often and how much to give them.

separation anxiety

4. Give them lots of love and attention before you leave 

One of the best ways to help your pet with separation anxiety is to give them plenty of love and attention before you leave. Spend some extra time playing with them, petting them, and cuddling with them before you go. This will help ease their anxiety and make them feel more comfortable while you’re away. For pets who are not super cuddly, give them some of their favorite treats as a special way to let them know you love them and will miss them while you are away.


5. Leave Them with Something that Smells Like You

Whether it’s an article of clothing or just a pillowcase that you’ve slept on, leaving something that smells like you with your pet will help them feel more comfortable and have less separation anxiety while you’re away. At the very least, it’ll provide some type of comfort and familiarity for them in your absence. Just because you’re not physically with your pet doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch. If possible, have your pet sitter send you regular updates—including photos!—so you can see how they’re doing while they’re in their care. And when you finally come home, make sure to spend extra time cuddling with them and letting them know how much you missed them!

separation anxiety

Going away for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful for either you or your pet! By following these tips and keeping lines of communication open with your pet sitter, you can rest assured knowing that your beloved furry friend is being well taken care of in your absence.

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