Pet Training Tips

pet training

It’s easy to let your pet get away with poor manners merely because they are so cute. But the longer you allow this unwanted behavior, the more frustrated you will become, and when you do decide to punish your furry friend, they will be confused. Getting ahead of the undesired behavior is better as soon as you spot it. Luckily, there are many at-home training tips that can help you and your friend! 

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1. Use Positive Reinforcement Techniques

pet training

When training your pet, remember to use positive reinforcement techniques. Try positive reinforcement techniques to reward good behavior. When you use rewards like praise, pets, and treats, you send appreciation and recognition that your animal is acting acceptably. And so your pet will learn that this is wanted behavior. 

It’s very easy to yell at your pet when they are doing something wrong. Though, that isn’t productive. It’s better to praise what they do right. For instance, if they jump on the couch, instead of yelling at them for something so general, give them pets and kisses when they jump off the couch. Reward the right behavior. Don’t shame the poor behavior. It leads to confusing your pets more often than not. 

2. Be Consistent with Your Commands 

Consistency is key when teaching your furry friend how to behave. Consistent commands will help your pet learn faster and make it easier to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. If one day it’s acceptable for your cat to be on the counter, but the next, they are not allowed, and instead, you punish them, this will lead to pet confusion and anxiety. Your pet will not be able to trust you. Choose your rules and stick to them. With consistent commands, you and your pet will learn to understand each other! 

3. Have Patience

Training your pet can be a very rewarding experience, but getting them to learn new tricks or behaviors takes time. It can be frustrating, especially if you are training a puppy. Teaching with repetition and consistency is sure to help speed up the process. Remember that you’re learning just as well as your animal is. Be kind to yourself as well as your fur baby. It will take some time, but as you stick it out together, you’ll be proud of your well-behaved friend and the newfound strong sense of trust. 

4. Find the Right Reward

pet training

When it comes to rewarding a pet for pet training, you want something truly special. This is where your animal’s personal preference comes in. What is the high-valued thing that gets their tail wagging? Is it a piece of chicken, a milk bone, or peanut butter? Or maybe it isn’t food. Some animals are food-driven, and some aren’t. Maybe your animal’s high-value reward is a walk. Whatever it is, use it to praise them as they continue to learn and listen to your commands successfully. 

5. Repetition

pet training

Just like being consistent with your commands, repetition is just as important in training. Your pet will learn the more you repeat a certain command or action. Some dog breeds may learn quicker than others. Especially depending on how committed you are to training your friend. Of course, though, if your pet does not seem to understand a command just yet, praise them, move on, and try again tomorrow. 

6. Have Fun!

Pet training can be a lot of fun and include many laughs. This is a time when you truly get to know your pet. Pay attention to your pet’s body language, as they are observing yours. Learn how they hold their tail when they are ready to play or when they are tired of the lesson. Training also goes beyond behavior. You can teach your pet friend tricks like paw, roll over, speak, and so on. Have fun with it and appreciate how your dog or cat wants to please you! 

Doggy Detail is Here for Everything Else!

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