What Your Pet Can and Can’t Eat for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends…and food. Lots and lots of food. And while your furry friend may be giving you those big, puppy dog eyes as you sit down to enjoy your feast, there are certain Thanksgiving foods that can be dangerous—even deadly—for pets. So before you let Fido or Fluffy beg for scraps this holiday, here’s a quick rundown of what your pet can and can’t eat this Thanksgiving.


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The main event at most Thanksgiving dinners is typically a roast turkey. And while a little bit of lean, cooked turkey meat is perfectly fine for your pet, the skin and bones are not. Turkey skin is high in fat and can cause pancreatitis in dogs and cats, while turkey bones can splinter and cause internal damage or obstruction. So it’s best to resist those pleading eyes and keep the turkey out of reach.



Who doesn’t love stuffing? It’s savory, it’s flavorful, and it’s oh-so-tempting to share with your four-legged friend. But stuffing often contains ingredients like onions, garlic, and raisins, which can cause upset stomachs for pets. So stuff Fido’s toys with stuffing instead of his stomach.


Green beans

Green beans are a staple of many Thanksgiving side dishes—and they’re actually OK for your pet to eat! Just make sure they’re plain green beans (no salt, no butter, no spices) and that they’re cooked until soft. Hard green beans can cause intestinal distress in pets.

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Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are another common Thanksgiving side, but they can also pose a risk to your pet. If they contain ingredients like onions, garlic, butter, or cream, they can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea. Plain-boiled potatoes are safe for pets to eat—just be sure to remove the skin first. If you’d like to treat your dog to some sweet potato, then go ahead! Sweet potato is great for dogs’ coats, just be sure to remove the skin so that it can glide easily down their throats.


Cranberry sauce

Technically speaking, cranberry sauce is safe for dogs and cats to eat. However, because it contains sugar and canned fruits like grapes (which can be toxic to pets), it’s best to keep it out of reach. The sugar content is upsetting to your pet’s stomach and can increase their blood sugar levels too much.

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Pumpkin pie

Like cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie is technically safe for dogs and cats—but only in small quantities. The filling contains sugar and spices that can upset your pet’s stomach, while the crust may be too hard for them to digest properly. So if you must give your pet a taste of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, make sure it’s just a nibble. Once you’ve shelled out all of the pumpkins, you can give your dog a taste of this nutrient-rich treat!


Thanksgiving is a time for family…and food! And while your furry friend may be begging for scraps this holiday season, there are certain Thanksgiving foods that can be dangerous for your pet’s health, so make sure anything you feed them is not heavily seasoned or greasy.


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