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No! Stop Chewing!

A dog is chewing a shoe.

Any dog owner knows the frustration of theirs pet’s chewing destroying objects from a favorite pair of shoes to vintage books or even their homework assignment. Yikes! Do teachers still not believe that one?

Normal vs. Destructive Chewing

It is typical for a puppy to chew. Just as infants place objects into their mouths to learn about their environment, pups do the same. A time-tested strategy for exploration, stimulation or teething pain for puppies is through chewing. 

The first thing a pet owner must do is to rule out the root cause(s) of their pet’s chewing habits. Get to know the Fido.

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fabric Sucking
  • Hunger
  • Teething

Parents will find the causes of misbehaviors we listed above eerily similar. No wonder people call their dog their fur baby. Dogs are precisely like infants!

What Do I Do?

The more one knows the more one can do to prevent and stop any destructive chewing habits. As pet owners, we may scratch our heads and wonder what in the world we can do to stop poor Fido’s bad habits. We found some valuable tips for nipping those awful chewing habits in the bud that we’d like to share with you!

  • Dog-proofing
    • As with baby-proofing, a home, dog-proofing a home is the same. Some easy and quick things to dog-proof the house are placing wires, shoes and clothes, kid toys, and games out of the way.
  • Chew toys
    • Provide Fido with inedible chew toys, like these from Wild One
  • Chewable treats
    • Opt for treats that take longer for Fido to eat. Try these puppy teething treat rings from Chewy as an excellent replacement for dog treat biscuits! 
  • Daily walks and playtime
    • Stimulate Fido with some physical movement. Studies show that walking Fido is beneficial for pet owners too! We offer dog walking and playtime services for days when you get stuck at the office or in traffic.
  • Supervision
    • Pets require a close eye, especially when they have been destroying items in or around the home. If you cannot be at home for one reason or another, check out our pet sitting services!

Contact Us

At Doggy Detail, we raise the woof by offering many ways to help you with your doggy sidekick. From daily walking to our Visit n’ Play services, we have time for your furry friend, so they aren’t lonely and start chewing everything in sight when you are away. If you have questions about our services, please give us a call at (847) 212-5616, or send us an email at

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