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Less Talking, More Walking

A dog is holding a leash in its mouth.

Taking Fido on daily walks is more than potty breaks. Do days feel long and tiresome, or are Fido’s chewing habits becoming destructive? Walking a furry friend(s) is beneficial for pet owners and pets alike.

Benefits of Daily Walks

Daily walks with a furry friend have numerous benefits. The American Kennel Club lists perks that pets and pet owners share from daily walks. Creating a bond, establishing a healthy lifestyle with exercise, managing stress, and alleviating boredom are a few benefits of dog walking.

  • Creating bonds
    • Start receiving and sharing memories of happiness with that furry friend with strolling around the neighborhood! Studies show that walking for just 30 minutes a day at least five days a week can help individuals improve their self-esteem and increase feelings of happiness.
  • Establishing healthy lifestyle
    • Walking Fido is a terrific type of exercise where pets and pet owners receive physical and mental health benefits from daily walks. Encountering sights and sounds along the walk provides pets and pet owners with stimulation.
  • Managing stress
    • Want a mood boost? Taking an outing boosts not only a furry pet’s mood but also the mood of pet owners. There is nothing quite like a bit of fresh air to soothe the soul. No wonder why Fido becomes ecstatic over the phrase “let’s go for a walk!”
  • Alleviating boredom
    • Nix destructive behaviors, such as chewing, with a daily walking schedule. Walking has been known for increasing a person’s motivation. If in need of a motivational boost, look no further than an excursion about town!

Helpful Tips For Walking

To improve Fido’s daily strolls, we’ve found a few valuable items to remember when out and about. First, check out local neighborhood and park rules and regulations to ensure no snags during the stroll. Other things to be considerate of:

  • Leash pets in public areas and when required
  • Provide supervision of Fido when around strangers and young children
  • Bring extra poop bags
  • Keep extra water on hand

We Are Here to Help

We know some times are more hectic than others, which is why we offer dog walking services! Some days that work meeting runs longer than expected, or traffic is a headache. We’ve all been there. We understand the needs of dogs and are experts, and provide top-notch care. We’ll leave notes on how Fido’s jaunt went, so there is no wondering what happened during the stroll.

Contact Us

At Doggy Detail, we raise the woof by offering many ways to help you with your doggy sidekick. From daily walking to our Visit n’ Play services, we have time for your furry friend, so they aren’t lonely when you’re away. If you have questions about our services, please give us a call at (847) 212-5616, or send us an email at

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