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Leaving Fido’s Poop In Your Yard Can Make You Sick

While we may love our dogs, we typically don’t enjoy cleaning up after them. Giving your dog time outside is important for both their mental and physical stimulation, but keeping up with cleaning afterward can turn into a huge hassle for any dog owner. 

Dog poop in our yards can quickly become a problem if it is left to sit for long. Not only is it bad for lawns and the environment, but it can also lead to unsanitary and unhealthy conditions for our families. 

Serious Environmental Consequences Of Dog Poop

Our lawns can fall victim to untended dog poop by yellowing and browning in spots where poop has been allowed to lay. These unsightly effects of unclean yards pose more significant dangers than minor discoloration. The grass in these areas is dying due to the pollutants in your dog’s poop. 

These pollutants can cause severe damage to greenspace to the point that in 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency designated dog waste as an environmental pollutant, in the same category as pesticides. This distinction came with the warning that dog poop can drastically affect our lawns and our health

Unfriendly Fecal Bacteria 

Just one tiny gram of dog poop can contain up to 23 million fecal bacteria that will spread their way throughout your yard and eventually into your home. Fecal bacteria can be spread in different ways, such as by mowing your lawn or by dogs and people running through it. 

But these are just two ways in which fecal bacteria can be spread. They can also be carried around the yard on insects and other pests or picked up by the wind to be blown all over everything. When fecal bacteria is allowed to linger, it can settle in the soil or groundwater where it can remain for over a year. 

Hidden Dangers

Among the hidden dangers in Fido’s poop are highly contagious illnesses that can spread from one dog to another through contact with fecal matter. Coronavirus, parvovirus, and a host of other health hazards can be lurking in your yard right under your nose, putting your animals and human family members at risk. 

Parasites and worms also love to infect new hosts through dog poop. Hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and whipworms can all be found hanging out in canine fecal matter. Humans can fall victim to any of these unwanted parasites, especially young children who play in and enjoy your yard. 

Scooping The Poop

Fortunately, you can avoid the majority of issues, environmentally as well as health-wise, by simply keeping your yard free from your best furry friend’s lingering poop. Picking up after your dog is vital for the health of you, your dog, your loved ones, and your environment. 

With the busy and hectic lifestyles of today, this task may be easier said than done. Keeping up with one or multiple pet’s bathroom routines can become overwhelming and can quickly get out of control. Doggie Detail is here to help. With poop scooping offered as just one of our many services, your yard can become healthy and hazard-free.