Leash Training Your Puppy

leash training

Having a new puppy is wonderfully exciting, but it can also be difficult when it comes to training. While having a puppy is full of laughs and love, it can also be difficult–especially if your pup is not trained to release themselves outdoors. Beginning to train your pup early on is essential. Starting them with leash training can help them early on to acclimate to walking, so when they’re full grown, they won’t pull your arm out of its socket. Leash training also can improve your relationship with your puppy, as you will both learn how to trust each other.

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6 Steps to Leash Training

leash training

Bringing home a new puppy or dog is always exhilarating, but it can also be quite challenging if you don’t know how to properly leash and train them. Leash training is an essential part of a dog’s learning process that takes patience, consistency, and time. Many dog owners and foster parents often find themselves struggling with leash training their furry friend. Here are a few steps to ease into puppy leash training. 

1. Introduce the Leash Gradually

The leash, like many things, is foreign to your puppy. They may fear it or be uncertain so they must warm up to a leash, especially since it will be clipped onto their collar. So introduce the leash to your pup gradually. 

Start, for instance, by placing it on the floor, allowing your furry friend to sniff and inspect it. Once they show no signs of fear, clip the leash on their collar, encourage them with treats and praise them. Then let them walk around with the leash on and without any restriction. It’s important to let your puppy get comfortable with the leash. This way trust is established, and they will get used to walking around with the leash on before you take them for a walk.

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2. Use Positive Reinforcement

leash training

Positive reinforcement is a powerful training tool. It’s a non-fear philosophy that promotes training with love and not fear. By rewarding positive behavior, you lovingly encourage your animal to repeat it. Also, keep in mind that attention can also be viewed as a reward by your animal. Therefore, if they act improperly, or in a way you discourage, when you react to the bad behavior it gives them your attention, thus they think it’s good. You want to support good behavior. For instance, when your puppy stops the unwanted behavior– you praise them for stopping. 

It’s the same principle with leash training. Reward your puppy whenever they do what you ask, but be patient. They may not get it right away, so reward their effort. As long as your training process is led with compassion, understanding, and patience, your puppy will desire to please. 

Positive reinforcement takes practice, but in no time, you and your puppy will be better off when using this practice.  

3. Practice Inside the House

Once your furry friend is comfortable with the leash, start practicing indoors. At first, let your pup either follow you around or take you on a walk with no tension on the leash. Over time, increase the distance and practice tight turns and stops. Of course, reward positively with treats and praise. 

4. Transition to Outdoor Walks

leash training

Pick a quiet spot, away from distractions, and start with a short walk. Let your pup sniff and explore but ensure that they stay by your side, rewarding them for walking at your pace. Gradually increase the length of the walk and add in more distractions like new smells, noises and fellow pups.

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5. Expectations and Consistency

The key to successful leash training is consistency. If your pup pulls, stop and wait for them to return to you before continuing the walk. Avoid punishing since it would only make the experience a negative one. The walk is an enjoyable time for both you and your pet. So praise your puppy along the way, even if his behavior isn’t perfect yet. 

Be sure to remain consistent with your training. Establish a routine and stick to it as much as possible. Use the same commands, rewards, and corrections each time you walk so your pet will understand and not be confused by conflicting commands. Always remember to stay calm and patient, even if your pet doesn’t always cooperate. Remember you are both learning together. 

6. Patience and Practice

Patience and practice will help make this an enjoyable experience for both of you. Training can be exhausting, so take breaks and limit training sessions to short periods. Use positive reinforcement, patience, and consistency to achieve the best results. Leash training takes time, so don’t rush the process. You’ll need to be patient and set realistic expectations for your furry friend. Remember that every dog is different, and some may take longer to learn than others. Once they’ve mastered walking, it will become a wonderful time to bond and to keep each other healthy. 

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Leash training can be a challenging but rewarding experience for both you and your pet. With patience, consistency and practice, you can train your pup to become a strong walker. When you start gradually and use positive reinforcement throughout the training process, you and your pup will be set for success.  

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