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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

It's raining cats and dogs in Chicago.

No one is sure who coined “it’s raining cats and dogs”, which means raining heavily, but origins date back to the 17th century. Loud thunder and bright lightning can be scary at times for even the bravest of humans and is increasingly difficult for pets and often terrifying for Fido and Fluffy.

Extreme Weather

April showers bring May Flowers, but those April showers are nothing compared to summer storms. Thunder and lightning bring extra stress to pets and pet owners alike. No pet owner enjoys seeing poor Fido or Fluffy panting heavily or hiding in closets or bathrooms (or under beds). To help Fido and Fluffy out, we’ve compiled a shortlist of tips to help pet owners out during these summer storms. 

Tip #1

This tip might seem obvious, but keep pets indoors during storms. Be aware of weather forecasts and plan ahead by ensuring Fido and Fluffy are inside well before it begins raining cats and dogs. 

Tip #2

To help keep Fido or Fluffy calm during storms, try out calming treats or thunder shirts. Additionally, playing music or having the T.V. running at higher volumes can assist in masking the sounds of the storm, easing Fido’s and Fluffy’s stress. Sound machines work great to drown out loud sounds of thunder or lightning.

Tip #3 

Another good idea is to make sure Fido’s or Fluffy’s microchip and tag are up to date. Owner name and phone numbers should be current, as well as the address linked to the microchip. Check the county’s website for information regarding updating Fido’s or Fluffy’s microchip.

Tip #4

Lastly, if Fido or Fluffy tend to hide during storms, make their hideout comfortable. Lay down blankets and familiar toys and be nearby to help comfort Fido or Fluffy while it’s raining cats and dogs.

Additionally, if Fido or Fluffy experience extreme anxiety during summer storms, discuss these concerns with a vet. A vet can provide medication to help ease the heightened tension.

Help For When It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

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