Holiday Gifts for Your Beloved Furry Friend

The holidays are the time of year to show gratitude to loved ones. While the season can be full of stress and other mixed emotions, there is that special one whose presence alone makes your life brighter. Show your furry friend just how much you love them this holiday season with some fun toys and yummy treats!

And while you’re out shopping for your furry friend, don’t forget that Doggy-Detail is available for dog and cat sitting! With just a few clicks, you can arrange for an experienced dog sitter or pet walker right when you need them most. Your furry friend will get all the love and attention they crave while still being able to do what they enjoy, helping keep their stress level low in the absence of their favorite person – YOU!

gifts for furry friend

1. Enrichment Toys 

Enrichment toys are specially designed to stimulate a pet’s mind and body. There are many different types of enrichment toys available for both cats and dogs. Some of the most popular include interactive puzzles, treat dispensers, catnip-filled balls, and squeaky chew toys. Each type of toy provides different kinds of stimulation for your pet. For example, puzzles challenge their problem-solving skills, while chew toys provide physical exercise and mental stimulation. 

Most importantly, enrichment toys help keep pets active and engaged. This helps prevent boredom which can lead to destructive behavior – chewing on furniture, barking excessively, or the notorious “zoomies.”

Enrichment toys are an entertaining and excellent outlet for their energy. Plus, they’ll come in handy while you cook the holiday feast!

2. DIY Cardboard Box

Construct a DIY project with all the extra cardboard boxes you must have received this season.  Instead of tossing each box into the recycling bin, you can jazz things up and create your friend an enrichment box. It can be as simple as tossing a few toys and treats inside. Or maybe you’d like to be a bit more elaborate. You can use a few boxes and create a tunnel for your pup. For cat owners, you already know how much your cats enjoy empty boxes. Stack them up, and create a tower so they can climb! The sky’s the limit for creativity. 

gifts for furry friend

3. Treats, Treats, and More Treats! 

Nothing works better at getting your animal’s tail wagging than a big treat. The options are unlimited now! You can try some freeze-dried treats, jerky, giant bones, or stuff some peanut butter into a slow-eater engagement toy. Cats can be picky with their treat picks. Maybe your cat is a minimalist and just likes cat nip. Additionally, there are some great recipes online for healthy treats for your pets! While you bake some holiday cookies, slip in a tray of biscuits for your favorite friend!


gifts for furry friend

4. New Bedding or Furniture

Beds and blankets spoil easily when they’re beloved by your animal. Whether your sidekick has rolled around in the yard and caked their bed in mud. Or the layer of fur is now embedded in the bed. Accidents also happen. The truth is, your pet’s bedding probably is in need of freshening. This is the perfect time to spoil your animal. Maybe also, you’ve been putting off getting that new cat scratcher for your kitty. Some cats prefer horizontal scratchers, while others who climb want vertical stands. You’ll most likely be thanked with kisses or purs.  


gifts for furry friend

5. Another Friend

You know when you are ready to add another animal to your family. This isn’t a light decision to make, but if you are ready, another pet is a wonderful addition this holiday season! Get your place ready with the necessities, and enjoy your growing and loving pet family! Keep in mind Doggy-Detail’s walking services for your multiple furry friends. 

gifts for furry friend

6. Pet Sitter

Not only is this a gift for your furry friend – but it’s also a gift to you! Scheduling a friend to care for your animal friend while you are away can lessen a lot of your anxiety. It is stressful to leave your pet for any amount of time. You don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety when you hire Doggy- Detail. You can trust the professionals at Doggt-Detail. The most important thing to us is your and your pet’s happiness!

7. Waste Removal

Get your yard cleared with Doggy-Detail’s help! Give your doggo the space to run and roam in a clean yard. Don’t worry about watching your step while you’re playing fetch. We even offer our services in the winter. The less time you spend cleaning up means, the more time you can spend playing!  


However you celebrate this season, Doggy Detail wishes you and your furry friend a happy holiday!