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Good Doggy! – Getting Your Dog to “Go” Outside

Where are animals choose to go to the bathroom has a dramatic effect on our lives.

If you’re a dog owner, you know this from experience. Parts of your day are filled up trying to get your dog to piddle and poop in a designated area outside of your home.

That, or you’re stuck constantly cleaning up little messes that can actually destroy your property value if not controlled in a vigilant way.

Here are some tips from us – a dedicated dog-scoop service that will come take your pet’s little presents and discard them safely and cleanly, to avoid those bigger messes. These time-tested techniques can help your animal learn to do his or her business in the right places. 


Give Treats

A treat is an incentive for an animal’s good behavior. It’s often easy to house train animals by giving them treats when they go outside, and scolding them when they decide that your house is their toilet.


Take Walks

Very simply, your animal cannot conform to your bathroom wishes if they don’t have the opportunity. That means scheduling several walks a day at deliberate hours of the day and making sure that those excursions are long enough to accommodate your pet’s bathroom time.

As happy synchronicity, those walks will also improve your health by engaging your circulation and giving you much-needed exercise. We weren’t meant to sit around all day, or we would be shaped differently! The walk also gives you an opportunity to keep an eye on your neighborhood, or interact with neighbors, instead of just sitting inside. 


Go to the Park

If you have a fenced-in dog park in your area or a fenced-in backyard, this is an excellent opportunity to give your dog outdoor time.

Dog parks have the added value of socialization – but even your backyard gives your dog the vitamin D and fresh air that he or she can use to thrive.

Here’s an extra tip – hire Doggy Detail to pick up your dog’s leavings. It might seem like a small thing but to dog owners who do this day in and day out, this service can be a lifesaver. For just a few dollars, we will come by and take all of your dog’s droppings to a proper destination. It’s a service that’s actually worth a lot when you look at the fines and other consequences of just having dog waste lying around. We clean and sanitize between each visit so you won’t have any cross-contamination. Call us with any questions about your doggy routine.