Fun Games to Play with your Dog

Do you love spending time with your furry friend? If so, we have the perfect ideas for you and your pup to get some game time in. Knowing the right games to play with your dog can help them and you bond! These fun activities will keep both of you entertained and provide plenty of exercise for your pup. So, grab a ball and some treats, and get ready to have fun! 

Visit And Play 

When you have to spend time away from home, Doggy Detail is here to help. Our experienced and trained professionals will play with your pups and leave you without worry. We can come to your home for a 20-minute visit, indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather that day, and complete our visit with a detailed summary of all the fun activities we played with your pup in your Doggy Detail Journal. 

At no additional cost, during our visit, we can also spend time: 

  • Wipe dog paws after playtime (towels provided by customer)
  • Fill-up food and water bowl
  • Administer any oral medication
  • Receive notification of any potential health concerns
  • Bring any packages/newspapers in by the front door 

Games to Play with your Dog

Doggy Detail Playtime 

We all want to spend all day at home with our pups. You know you have found games to play with your dog both at home and at the park that you both love! But sometimes, life pulls you away from home, and you have to leave your furry friend. That is where Doggy Detail can step in and offer our friendly services. We can offer our Visit N Play services to keep your pet happy and entertained right in the comfort of their own home while you are away. This will keep your pups from going to the bathroom inside, trying to escape, or getting into things they shouldn’t be. 

Your Pup Can Train and Learn with Us 

One of the best ways to keep your dogs happy is to find games to play with your dog! This will stimulate them and become a bonding activity for the two of you to enjoy doing together. If you are looking for some new fun ideas for your pup, Doggy Detail has some mentally stimulating games for your pup to try! 

Stimulating Games to Play with your Dog

Find the Treat 

Start simple and with one that your pup will love! All you will need is a few of their favorite treats. You will want to start by telling your dog to sit and stay and place the treats in a few different spots nearby. Tell your dog to “find the treats” and encourage them every time they pick up one! Repeat the process until your dog understands what “find the treat” means, and then you can hide the treats in more difficult spots. When you get to hide the treats around the house, it will become an exciting game for you to enjoy! 

Hide and Seek 

This is an easy and classic game to play with your pup. Tell your dog to sit and stay, and then find a spot to hide where your dog can not see you. Call your dog, and reward them with a treat and encouragement when they find you! 

The Shell Game 

A popular one with the pups! Select three identical cups, bowls, or another container you have and your dog’s favorite treat. Place the treat under one of the cups and shuffle them around while your dog watches. Allow your pup to choose which one the treat is under by sniffing or pawing at the container. And give them the treat if they select the right one! 

Leave it to Doggy Detail for Pup Entertainment! 

If you have to travel for the day and do not want to leave your pup alone, call Doggy Detail! We have many games to play with your dog while you are away. It is hard to leave, but you can not always be home with your pup. That is why our Visit N Play services and training games are perfect for your pups. Our trained professionals can come for 30 minutes or an overnight visit! You have to let us know what services you need! Give us a call at 847-212-5616, and we will schedule your pup’s playtime today!