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Dogs vs. Cats: Which Is the Better Pet?


It is an age-old question. Are dogs or cats better sidekicks? Nothing destroys or builds a friendship other than the answer to this question. Many have attempted to give a solution, and we’re throwing our hat in the ring too. Let there be no paws about it, we will uncover the truth, and finally, we will know if cats or dogs are the superior pet. We searched far and wide, meandered, and raced to find the answer.

Is There Even a Difference?

Psychology suggests that cat and dog owners are vastly different. But, you didn’t need us to tell you that. What are these differences exactly? Let us explain the most significant difference. Chances are if you are introverted, self-contained, and less social, you own or have owned a cat. On the flip side, if you tend to be outgoing, friendly, and love experiencing new things, you are a dog person. Don’t blame us if you disagree; blame Psychology Today. They did the research. We are simply the messengers.


The Meows Have It

Alright, you feline enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Here are five reasons why cats are the best pet. Gather around and take a seat! Sorry, the other seat, not your cat’s seat. You should’ve known better. Hasn’t your cat trained you?

  1. They are smaller, so they take up less space. Perfect for city apartment living! Cats only need a litter box, food, and water dishes. Cats are quite the space savers!
  2. They save you money. Adoption fees for cats tend to run on the less expensive side. Cat toys last longer and will cost less as they don’t need to be as durable.
  3. Cats are quieter. Have you ever heard someone telling their cat to stop meowing? We sure haven’t. Night-time meows from your cat are much less bothersome compared to dog barks.
  4. Cats require less training. After the initial acclimation to a new home, your kitten or cat needs much less assistance in learning the dos and don’ts of the house. 
  5. Cats clean themselves—no need to bring a cat to the groomers or attempt a washing at home.


The Woofs Have It

Stop your hounding, dog-gone-it! We haven’t forgotten about the puppers, promise! Grab your pup and get ready to be tail-whacked from excitement.

  1. No stinky litter box! We said it, and we are not taking it back. As an added bonus, if you walk your dog, you can also get some exercise.
  2. Playtime. Need we say more? Dogs love to be with people and are incredibly playful. Whether your dog loves to play fetch, tug-o-war, or chase you around the yard or park, they will never bore from playtime.
  3. Dogs are adaptable. Moving to a new place? Good thing you have a dog. Dogs tend to adjust and accept changes easier than their feline counterpart.
  4. You can teach an old dog a new trick. Dogs are trainable, no matter their age. Want them to sit, lay down, crawl, hop, jump, or learn which toys are theirs. You are in luck! Dogs enjoy training.
  5. Dogs come in a variety of breeds. You don’t want a small dog? No problem. There are many large breeds of dogs from which you can pick your best friend. As dogs come in various shapes and sizes, there is a dog for every hobby imaginable.

Truth Be Told

We love cats and dogs. The answer to which pet is better is entirely up to you. If you prefer the feline persuasion, great; if you favor canines, fantastic! The best pet for you is one that brings you joy and works with your hobbies and interests.

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