Doggy Detail’s Expert Pet Sitting 

Are you going away for the long weekend, but the Airbnb does not allow pets? Can it really be a restful vacation when you’re worried about your best friend’s care? Have no fear! Doggy Detail has you covered! We know how hard it is to leave your pet, even if it’s just for a day. You can trust our care! After all, we are the pet care experts in Chicago. Let us care for your beloved pet and your yard while you’re away! Call us at 847-212-5616 to book our expert pet sitting services!

expert pet sitting

Why Choose a Dog Service? 

Typical dog services include daily visits from a professional pet sitter who will feed and exercise your pet and provide love and attention. Doggy Detail goes above and beyond for our clients and their pets. Not only will we take care of your pet’s needs, like dog walks, pet playtime, belly rubs, administering oral medications, cat head scratches, and more. We will also help you with any reasonable home task! 

expert pet sitting

Doggy Detail Does More!


Watering Plants

expert pet sitting

Doggy Detail cares for all living things! While you’re away from your pets and plants, we can give love and attention to both. So don’t worry about being away for a few days. Just let us know which plants to water, and you can be sure everything will remain healthy and happy! 


Opening/Closing Blinds

expert pet sitting

You need to let the sunshine in for your pets and plants during the day, but may not want them wide open at night so neighbors can peek inside. Let Doggy Detail know your preferences, and we’ll make sure to add that to our task list! 


Turning On/Off Lights

Doggy Detail knows that each client is particular about their home. Some like to leave their lights on for their cats, and some do not. When you book us for pet sitting, let us know these particulars, and we will follow through!


Bringing in Mail

expert pet sitting

You may be concerned about a piece of mail or a package that is expected to arrive while you’re away. You don’t have to worry while Doggy Detail is around! We will bring your mail inside and keep it out of your dog’s reach! 


Moving Garbage Cans to Curb

expert pet sitting

It can be such a bother to be away on garbage day! Doggy Detail can bring your garbage can up or down to the curb while you’re away. Let us know, and we’ll be happy to do so. 


Doggy Detail Also Offers Dog Poop Waste Removal

Let us take the hassle out of cleaning up after your pet! Our thoroughly vetted, highly trained Poop Scoopers are available year-round to keep yards and dog runs clean. Yes, year-round. We work in the winter, too. 

We are committed to reducing any cross-contamination while we work. To ensure maximum safety and prevent any potential dog diseases from spreading, our team cleans their shoes and tools at every stop! Plus, we take the waste with us when we’re finished cleaning! 


Doggy Detail Sanitizing Services. 

Our pet and kid-friendly sanitizing scrub is the perfect solution for keeping your deck, patio, walkway, or dog run clean. It also eliminates pesky flies with just one application! Our safe product helps prevent waste stains while killing bacteria and viruses. 

Keep your lawn clean, fresh-smelling, and safe for you and your pet with our Pet Deodorizing Spray! This natural, non-toxic solution eliminates odors in just two hours while killing bacteria and viruses known to cause human illness. Plus, it’s kid-friendly, too – so there is no need to worry about harsh chemicals around the house. We guarantee satisfaction, or we’ll make it right!


Contact Doggy Detail 

expert pet sitting

Going away? Trust the pet sitting experts! Let us look after your furry family member! Our in-home services provide valuable pet walking and pet sitting services. Doggy Detail will give your pets the love and attention they need. As your furry friend misses your presence, we will try to prevent any stress associated with your absence by keeping their schedule in check. Doggy Detail will take care of your pet’s and home’s needs while you’re away, so you don’t have to worry. Call Doggy Detail at 847-212-5616 to schedule an initial meeting!