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Doggone Camping

A dog is sitting outside of a camping tent.

As summer has arrived, many families and individuals are opting for outdoor adventures, including camping. Camping is a wonderful way to spend time as a family or with friends. However, when bringing a dog along, there are a few items to be aware of before taking that trek outdoors. 

The National Parks Service (NPS) has tips for planning a camping trip with good ‘ole Fido. Not only should one ensure their dog is in good health, but should also:

  • Research which campgrounds allow for pets
    • Are there areas where pets are not allowed?
  • Bring pet identification and copies of medical documents
    • A good idea would be to bring an extra collar and tag(s) as well
  • Bring a pet first aid kit
  • Pack extra towels, food, and water
  • Bring all the poop bags (seriously, don’t be seen empty-handed)
  • A tether and stake for roaming around the campsite
  • If planning on hiking, check out NPS’ list on hiking etiquette

You can find the entire camping with pets list here.

Besides National Parks, other campgrounds also allow for dogs. For example, KOA has their KampK9 with dog-specific campgrounds and helpful information for pet owners. Many states and cities have campgrounds or nature preserves for exploring with pets as well. Make sure to check state and local guidelines and rules surrounding visiting these locations with pets.

REI has gathered tips from those who take their furry companion on frequent outdoor trips—for example, having a quick to attach dog leash on hand when near other hikers, campers, or other dogs. It is always good to teach camping or hiking etiquette to dogs before going on an outdoor adventure. 

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