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Dog Shoes for Every Dog

A dog is laying on the floor showing their paws.

With the arrival of summer heat, we can’t forget about our pets. With the increase in temperature comes the need for extra water and cooling off measures, but not many people think about the effect of the ground’s heat on their pet’s paws. After all, we are wearing shoes to protect our feet from the heat. A good test, called the 10-second test, can be easily performed by dog owners. Perform the test by placing a hand on the ground, and if you’re unable to hold it there for ten seconds, it’s too much for Fido’s paws.

These Dog Shoes Were Made for Walking

Rather than waiting until cooler weather to pick back up daily walks, try using dog booties or shoes. Be aware that Fido might need some time to get used to walking in these shoes. A quick internet search will provide anyone with many videos of dogs attempting to walk in their new shoes. With this in mind, daily walks may be a little slower or shorter as Fido navigates walking with shoes.

Other times where dog shoes or booties might be necessary are when hiking or during the winter months. Rocks or other jagged debris can hurt Fido’s paws. Slippery sidewalks and sharp ice can also unintentionally cause injury to a dog’s paws. In short, having a pair of dog shoes around for Fido is never a bad idea. 

If Fido tends to chew on shoes, keeping the dog booties stored in a safe place will prevent the need to purchase more pairs of dog shoes to replace damaged pairs.

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