Before You Get a Dog for Christmas, Here’s What You Should Know

Almost every child fantasizes about owning a canine companion. The dog is, after all, recognized as man’s best friend. Dogs make excellent companions for all members of a family, particularly children. 


Bringing a new pet home for the holidays may be a thrilling and memorable experience for the whole family. However, if not handled appropriately, the event might be traumatic for your new pet. When bringing your new pet into your home, ease the burden by following these six simple recommendations.


  1. Proofing for puppies: Look for low-hanging cables, tiny objects, and potentially deadly plants. Remove them from any area where your puppy will be spending time. Spray a chewing deterrent spray on chairs and furniture legs to keep them safe.
  2. Make sure you’re ready for your new puppy’s arrival by gathering all of the necessary equipment: crate for sleeping and training, as well as a collar, leash, food, toys, and treats.
  3. Before bringing your new puppy home, make sure all of your current dogs are up-to-date on their vaccines and in good health. If existing pets do not have their vaccines, they can spread infections to them.
  4. Take your new puppy to the restroom and have him relieve himself before bringing him into your home. Peeing before entering will prevent accidents if your dog becomes very enthusiastic and aid in housebreaking in the future.
  5. It can be challenging to sleep with your dog the first few nights. Most puppies will weep or wail if they are separated from their littermates. To console your new family member, you may bring something to comfort them, such as an old blanket.
  6. When bringing a new pet home, keep in mind that the dog’s new environment can be frightening and uncomfortable. For the first several days, keep things calm and quiet. Try to schedule your pet’s arrival during a time when you will be able to spend a few days at home with him.


Adoption Choices

There are various adoption choices available to you. It’s a good idea to look for a specialized breeding group if you’re looking for a specific breed. You can also adopt from a local shelter or rescue group if you have no preference. 


Some rescue organizations have their facility, while others leave their pets with foster families. The process if adopting a dog from a “kill” shelter is relatively straightforward process; you often fill out anpplication, pay a fee, and then you may take the dog home the same day.


Adopting from a rescue organization may take a little longer and cost a little more. Before the organization can pair you with a dog, many rescues have a multi-step application process. Some of them will even visit you to ensure that your living situation meets their criteria for adopting a dog. This process ensures that it will be a lifelong family when they place a dog with a family.


Finding a Fit for the Whole family

Having a dog comes with a lot of responsibility, and not every dog is a good fit for every family. Just because he’s cute doesn’t imply he’ll be a good fit for your family and lifestyle. 


Conduct some studies to determine which breed and temperament will work best in your home. It would be best if you weighed all of the benefits and drawbacks before deciding to adopt. Make your decision in front of the entire family.


Are You Ready to Care for a Pet?

One should take into consideration how much time you can dedicate to your new furry family member, as well as the level of care you can provide. When you initially contact a shelter or a rescue organization, be honest about your living situation and preferences. 


Employees at the shelter, or foster families in some situations, are the ones who know the dogs best. They take the time to get to know each dog’s personality, needs, and concerns. They are the most qualified individuals to connect you with a dog.


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