4 Summer Pet Care Tips

A dog is sitting in a field of flowers.

With the rising temperatures marking the arrival of summer days, let’s not forget the dangerous effects of heat on our pets. To keep pets safe and protected during these warmer months, follow these five summer pet care tips: Provide extra water Be aware of heatstroke symptoms for pets Ground temperature testing Use sunscreen Summer Pet…

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Dog Shoes for Every Dog

A dog is laying on the floor showing their paws.

With the arrival of summer heat, we can’t forget about our pets. With the increase in temperature comes the need for extra water and cooling off measures, but not many people think about the effect of the ground’s heat on their pet’s paws. After all, we are wearing shoes to protect our feet from the…

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Why Is My Dog Eating Poop?

A person is picking up a dog's feces.

Fido was doing their business in the backyard yesterday when, much to my disdain, Fido started eating their poop. After witnessing such a heinous act, the questions started flowing. Why is Fido doing this? What does eating poop mean? How can it be stopped? The frantic search for answers began, and we are here to…

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Less Talking, More Walking

games to play with your dog

Taking Fido on daily walks is more than potty breaks. Do days feel long and tiresome, or are Fido’s chewing habits becoming destructive? Walking a furry friend(s) is beneficial for pet owners and pets alike. Benefits of Daily Walks Daily walks with a furry friend have numerous benefits. The American Kennel Club lists perks that…

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No! Stop Chewing!

A dog is chewing a shoe.

Any dog owner knows the frustration of theirs pet’s chewing destroying objects from a favorite pair of shoes to vintage books or even their homework assignment. Yikes! Do teachers still not believe that one? Normal vs. Destructive Chewing It is typical for a puppy to chew. Just as infants place objects into their mouths to…

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Doggone Camping

A dog is sitting outside of a camping tent.

As summer has arrived, many families and individuals are opting for outdoor adventures, including camping. Camping is a wonderful way to spend time as a family or with friends. However, when bringing a dog along, there are a few items to be aware of before taking that trek outdoors.  The National Parks Service (NPS) has…

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Traveling With Your Pet

A cat is looking out an airplane window.

With the post-pandemic world seemingly approaching, visits to friends and family are at the top of our to-do lists. While traveling by yourself has its peculiarities, traveling with pets brings a unique set of hurdles and challenges. If this is your pet’s first experience with flying or driving, there are a few things to be…

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Dogs vs. Cats: Which Is the Better Pet?

A cat and dog sit next to each other.

  It is an age-old question. Are dogs or cats better sidekicks? Nothing destroys or builds a friendship other than the answer to this question. Many have attempted to give a solution, and we’re throwing our hat in the ring too. Let there be no paws about it, we will uncover the truth, and finally,…

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Preparing Your Pup to be Left Alone When Returning to Work

labradoodle dog sitting on couch

With the worldwide distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination, it seems possible that life could return to some semblance of normalcy soon. Many people will be returning to work or looking for new jobs. If you got a dog during the lockdown or your own pup has become used to having you home full-time, it may…

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5 Human Foods Your Dog Can’t Eat (Plus 5 That They Can)

blonde dog sniffing grapes

If you have a dog (or even if you don’t), you might have seen TikToks floating around, where chefs make their dogs gourmet meals using raw meats and other kitchen items. Maybe you just want to know which table scraps you can toss to your pet. While raw meats and vegetables may seem like the…

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