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How Dog Waste Destroys Lawns

Dog waste is a serious problem for homeowners. A single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which can be transferred to humans and other animals through contact. Dog excrement also has the potential of ruining your lawn by breaking down soil quality with nitrogen levels that are too high. While…

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How to Celebrate Halloween with Your Pets

It’s almost Halloween, and with Halloween comes trick or treaters, costumes, scary movies, and so much more. No matter what your pup’s personality is, there are many ways to celebrate this holiday with the entire family!  Pet Costumes Halloween costumes for pets can be a great way to celebrate with your pet while also celebrating…

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Dogs Can Be Weird: 6 Dog Behaviors that are Actually Normal

Dogs are weird. They do dog things. Some dog behaviors seem strange, such as digging in their bed, tilting their head when they get excited, and rolling in the grass. But don’t worry—all of these behaviors can be normal dog behavior! In this blog post, we’ll discuss six dog behaviors that might seem weird but…

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Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs?

We come across so many acronyms throughout the day that it can sometimes be confusing to distinguish between the meanings. In the pet world, terms like ESA are often heard in conversations, but one might not always know what ESA exactly means. Many might confuse ESA or emotional support animals with a service dog, but…

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5 Pet Grooming Tips

pet grooming

Keep the fur stink away with regular grooming of Fluffy and Fido. Besides bonding with Fluffy or Fido, pet grooming helps to keep beloved pets happy and healthy. Regular grooming includes bathing, brushing, hair clipping or trimming, and nail trimming, which is essential for all breeds. We understand that not every pet owner can take…

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Teeth Cleaning Tips for Pets

Cat teeth cleaning

Oral hygiene is essential not only for pet owners but also for their furry companions. Fluffy and Fido need good oral hygiene for eating as well as to avoid stinky breath. Regular teeth cleaning helps Fido and Fluffy avoid severe health conditions such as: Heart muscle damage Liver issues Kidney issues Periodontal disease Incorporating good…

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