Doggy Detail is a professional dog waste removal service. We service residential and commercial properties such as single family homes, HOA's, Apartment/Condo complexes, gated and retirement communities.

Established in 2004 and servicing over 425 customers weekly, we are continuing to grow and expand in the Chicagoland area.
Choose Doggy Detail Today and Receive:
  • Confidence In Knowing That You Are Aiding In The Fight Against Animal Cruelty, And Helping Sheltered Dogs Find a Home. - We donate a portion of your service fee payment to charitable dog organizations that you recommend.

  • Superior Customer Service - Our friendly and helpful staff make it their #1 goal to keep you happy. In fact we guarantee it!

  • Highest Quality of Work - As proven by our numerous positive reviews on Angie's List, we pride ourselves in cleaning your yard thoroughly and being consistent.

  • Cross-Contamination Free Service - We disinfect our shoes and tools after each service, so that we do not spread any potential dog diseases in your yard.

  • Poop Free Trash Cans At Home - Unlike many of our competitors, we take the poop with us leaving your trash cans at home poop free!

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