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5 Pet Grooming Tips

pet groomingKeep the fur stink away with regular grooming of Fluffy and Fido. Besides bonding with Fluffy or Fido, pet grooming helps to keep beloved pets happy and healthy.

Regular grooming includes bathing, brushing, hair clipping or trimming, and nail trimming, which is essential for all breeds.

We understand that not every pet owner can take the time to bring Fluffy or Fido to a groomer, so we compiled four tips to help pet owners take on this vital hygiene routine at home.

Pet Grooming Tips

From regular brushing to nail trimming, understanding the importance of regular pet grooming sessions will help pet owners set aside time each week and every month for grooming Fluffy or Fido. In addition to our five grooming tips, 

Grooming Tip #1

Regular brushing will prevent matted fur. Longhaired pets will need more frequent brushing, at least once a week. Brushing also helps prevent cats and dogs from licking if the matted fur is causing them pain. This licking can lead to skin irritation and infection.

Pet Grooming Tip #2

Some cats or dogs need their hair trimmed regularly to avoid knots and tangles. Be careful when cutting and only trim the hair of certain breeds. Excess hair around the ears can 

Grooming Tip #3

Check the eyes. Tearing, crust, inflammation, or cloudiness can be signs of health issues in Fido or Fluffy. To clean the eyes, use a damp soft cotton ball.

Pet Grooming Tip #4

Clean those ears! Use a damp cotton ball to remove any surface-level dirt or grime. If there is dirt down in the ear canal, schedule an appointment with a vet to clean the dirt. Having a vet clean Fluffy’s or Fido’s ears will avoid any accidental injury to Fluffy or Fido.

Grooming Tip #5

Pet owners should trim their pets’ nails trimming to keep nails from splitting and causing injury or infection. Pet owners should not be able to hear the click-clacking of nails on floors.

Start using these grooming tips today! If Fluffy or Fido is uncooperative, give lots of healthy treats to teach them that grooming time is fun.

Pet Services in Chicagoland

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