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4 Summer Pet Care Tips

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With the rising temperatures marking the arrival of summer days, let’s not forget the dangerous effects of heat on our pets. To keep pets safe and protected during these warmer months, follow these five summer pet care tips:

  1. Provide extra water
  2. Be aware of heatstroke symptoms for pets
  3. Ground temperature testing
  4. Use sunscreen

Summer Pet Care

For many of us, our pets are like family. However, during the summer months, the hotter temperatures mean we take extra care to drink more water, wear sunscreen and hats, or not walk barefoot on the ground.

Pet Care Tip #1

Provide extra water.

During the summer, the risk of dehydration in pets increases. Pets, like their owners, need more water when temperatures rise. So even if Fido is outside for a handful of minutes, place a bowl of cool water with ice cubes to keep Fido hydrated and cool. 

Take a water bottle or two on daily walks. Make sure to stop frequently in the shade for water breaks. Pets aren’t able to sweat, and water with ice cubes cools them off quicker. However, please don’t overdo it on the ice cubes. Water that is too cold can slow down Fido’s cooling process. Additionally, adjusting Fido’s walks during cooler times of the day is a great idea. Early morning or late evening are perfect times for Fido’s daily walks.

Pet Care Tip #2

Check for signs of heatstroke.

As pets are unable to sweat, they are more susceptible to overheating and heatstroke. Keep an eye out for excessive panting, breathing difficulties, increased heart or respiratory rate. Addition symptoms to look for are drooling, weakness, stupor, and collapsing. More severe symptoms include seizures, bloody diarrhea and vomiting, and body temperatures over 104 degrees.

Other things like Fido being overweight, having a flat face (like Pugs or Persian cats), elderly pets, and pets with heart or lung diseases should be kept inside with A/C as much as possible during the hot summer months.

If Fido has any of these symptoms, take Fido to a shady area check Fido’s gums and tongue for discoloration or thick saliva. Allow Fido to cool off in the shade and, if possible, limit Fido’s movement and activity. After Fido cools off and can move, take Fido indoors to recuperate. If symptoms do not get better with water and rest or the symptoms worsen, Fido will need to see a vet. 

Pet Care Tip #3

Test the temperature of the ground.

Concrete has a high capacity for storing heat and releases the absorbed heat slowly. In addition, asphalt ground temperatures can be up to 40-60 degrees hotter than the temperature of the air. If the ground is too hot for bare feet, it is too hot for Fido’s paws. Dog shoes or booties are perfect for protecting paws from the hot surface. 

If the ground’s temperature is in question, try using the ten-second test. The test is quick and straightforward. All that is needed is the ground and a hand. Place your hand on the surface of the concrete or asphalt and count to ten. If removing the hand before ten seconds is necessary, the surface is too hot for Fido’s unprotected paws. So take out those dog shoes and place them on Fido.

Pet Care Tip #4

Use pet sunscreen.

For summer days, using sunscreen on Fido is a much better way to keep Fido happy and healthy rather than shaving. However, trimming long-haired dogs is acceptable. Shaving a dog removes its layer of protection from the sun’s rays. Additionally, make sure to purchase pet-friendly sunscreen, like these from

Another great resource is from the Human Society. Extreme weather, such as tornadoes, can hit our area, and being prepared with a disaster kit for our pets is essential.

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