Dogs vs. Cats: Which Is the Better Pet?

A cat and dog sit next to each other.

  It is an age-old question. Are dogs or cats better sidekicks? Nothing destroys or builds a friendship other than the answer to this question. Many have attempted to give a solution, and we’re throwing our hat in the ring too. Let there be no paws about it, we will uncover the truth, and finally,…

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Preparing Your Pup to be Left Alone When Returning to Work

labradoodle dog sitting on couch

With the worldwide distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination, it seems possible that life could return to some semblance of normalcy soon. Many people will be returning to work or looking for new jobs. If you got a dog during the lockdown or your own pup has become used to having you home full-time, it may…

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5 Human Foods Your Dog Can’t Eat (Plus 5 That They Can)

blonde dog sniffing grapes

If you have a dog (or even if you don’t), you might have seen TikToks floating around, where chefs make their dogs gourmet meals using raw meats and other kitchen items. Maybe you just want to know which table scraps you can toss to your pet. While raw meats and vegetables may seem like the…

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